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Extra EA 300S - composite aerobatic model aircraft with a wingspan 3000 mm designed for  motors of 100-170 cubic centimeters.
3 000 mm
100 - 170 cm3
2 780 mm
6k / 14 servo
Let us introduce you special aerobatic model according to the rules of the FAI F3M Extra EA 300S.

ARF kit for this model features a high quality, purity and completion all parts of the model.

The excellent handling and a large range of flight modes contributes modified profile flock.

Description of components:

Fuselage :

- Vacuum sandwich glass / carbon, carbon house for the motor mount, integrated power desk, a box for the servo rudder bearing house


- Vacuum sandwich glass / carbon, rectangular pocket preventing torsion beam coupling wings, double beam, integrated holders for 3 servos, carbon D-box


- Vacuum sandwich glass / carbon, rectangular pocket preventing torsion beam coupling wings built brackets for 2 servos, easy disassembly, carbon D-box.


- Vacuum sandwich glass / carbon, brass hinges, easy disassembly

Engine cover:

- Vacuum sandwich glass / carbon / balsa, very low weight


- Vacuum sandwich glass, basic design silver (optional carbon / acrylic)

Chassis and wheel:

- Lightweight carbon chassis

The basic kit includes: fuselage, wings, elevator, rudder, canopy (silver), cowlings, landing gear, wheel covers, connecting sections of the wings and elevator

Accessories: Wheel diameter 150 mm, including equipment, installation materials, cones, sandwich-board electronics, horns, curtains, cabin curtains

The model can be supplied in three versions: base coat of one color choice RAL STANDARD in 2011 or upon customer request.

Kit comes in two cardboard 5-layer cartons